PasteDeck Release Notes

Release Notes

Last Updated 20th November 2023


  • 'Bionic Reading' toggle added in Reader View for a more focussed experience!
  • Notification Center added when logged in; easily view important updates and important announcements from one location.
  • Setting a Deck color will now be inherited by stack and link panel containers.
  • Design and Layout tweaks for image preview when logged-in for improved visual experience.
  • Fixed an issue where the user would be logged out shortly after logging in.
  • Fixed an issue where exploding a stack would cause multiple alerts to appear.
  • Fixed an issue where the toolbar in Reader View would not remain in view when scrolling longer articles.


The PasteDeck Browser Extension is here! 🎉 Save anything on the Web with a single click directy from your Web Browser! Visit the Browswer Extension page for more details.

  • Save to PasteDeck Browser Extension now available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave. Learn more
  • Enable Browser Extension shortcut added to User Settings.
  • Fixed an issue where PasteDeck would not render on mobile devices in landscape view.


  • Updated link engine to handle 'tweets' pasted from


  • Link engine has been retrained to priortize speed. Linking is now approx 25% faster.
  • Link engine 'deep dive' algorithm for difficult to reach URLs has been temporarily disabled while we analyse collected data.
  • Placeholder graphic will be generated when no thumbnail is available.
  • Design tweaks to live view for improved visual readability.


  • Set a custom background color for each Deck.
  • Preview design tweaks for better formatting and readability on mobile devices.
  • Link card size tweaks for better content fitting on mobile devices.


This release features a significant update to the PasteDeck link engine which can now deploy an experimental 'deep dive' scraping algorithm for misconfigured/hard-to-reach URLs.

  • Link engine will use machine-learning to evaluate first-pass data (thumbnail, title etc) and grade it for suitability.
  • If the data is missing or graded as substandard, the link engine will search for alternative, more suitable data, resulting in fewer link cards with missing thumbnails/data etc.
  • For URLs which are difficult to reach (misconfigured servers, cookie requirements, malformed HTML/Javascript etc) the link engine will deploy an experimental algorithm to find and assign data.
  • Link engine has been re-trained for Amazon product links which now return the correct product image.


  • Link engine will now attempt to fix malformed meta tags and image URLs.
  • Link engine will now correctly assign product image for Amazon URLs
  • Link engine will now try to locate a suitable thumbnail when no image tag has been specified by host URL (beta)
  • Fixed an issue where incorrect PasteDeck Plus subscription details were displayed.


  • Live view added to link preview when logged into PasteDeck account.
  • Preview panel has been widended and reader mode font size increased for more comfortable viewing.
  • Share individual links on social media and email using the new 'Share Link' option added to the link card context menu.
  • PasteBot improvements for cleaner, more readable text when extracting article copy.
  • Link engine improvements to reject erroneous and malformed meta data.


  • Link card design and spacing tweaks to improve readability.
  • Backend updates for upcoming features.


  • Fixed an issue where link cards could not be deleted/mnoved on mobile devices.
  • Link card menu design tweaks for better user experience on mobile devices.
  • Link card menus now scale with card size.
  • Backend updates to improve foreign character compatability.


  • Updates to Account Login: Registered users can now login with their username or registered email address.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Card drag-and-drop functionality enabled for creating Stacks on mobile and touch devices. Learn more.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Minor bug fixes and backend optimisations.


  • Help Center is now available at - featuring faqs and tips on getting started and using PasteDeck.
  • Demo PasteDeck account added at
  • Incognito (Private) mode updated to include "Backdoor" access option. When enabled, direct link access to your Decks are still available even in Incognito mode.
  • Minor UI tweaks to improve user experience on mobile devices.
  • Link card design tweaks to improve readability.
  • Fixed an issue where warning dialogs appeared behind existing content.


  • Explore recently added links at
  • Added "Verified Sources" toggle when exploring recently added links: When checked, only verified news sources will be shown.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.


This is the first major public release of PasteDeck. Features an all-new visual refresh which incorporates a standarised and modern design language to make it a simple, intuitive and seamless experience across all devices:

  • All new UI and UX experience.
  • Re-written link scraping engine (upto 2.5x faster).
  • Improved content extraction engine (aka PasteBot) upto 4x more accurate.
  • Introduced "Decks": A single account can now contain multiple Decks to better organise links and content.
  • Introduced "Stacks": Links can now be grouped together to create a Stack (previously "Folders"). Create multiple Stacks within Decks.
  • Individual Deck privacy settings.
  • Link card size preferences (Small, Standard and Large).
  • All-new Dark mode.
  • All-new Search and Filter.
  • Linking Social Media posts (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok etc) now creates a "live" link card.
  • Linking Images now includes image and color palette information.
  • Improved link thumbnail generation.
  • Multiple bug fixes and improvements.