Overwatch 2 season 9: Here are the full patch notes
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Overwatch 2 season 9: Here are the full patch notes


Overwatch 2 season 9, Champions, starts Tuesday, Feb. 13, bringing with it big changes to all heroes. Blizzard Entertainment confirmed ahead of Overwatch 2’s next season that every hero will change in some way, such as getting bigger health pools, larger projectile sizes, and new passive healing abilities. That’s all designed to change the fundamentals of Overwatch 2 and address gameplay pain points.

Players can also expect changes to how Competitive Play works and how they’ll rank up (or down) from match to match.

On Monday, Blizzard confirmed other gameplay changes coming in season 9 of Overwatch 2, with a light rework of Pharah’s abilities and map changes to Junkertown.

Pharah’s Hover Jets passive has been changed to limit her time in the air, Blizzard says. She’ll only recharge her fuel when touching the ground, but Blizzard is compensating that nerf by giving her “more speed and acceleration while in the air, allowing her to traverse between areas quicker.”

Pharah’s also getting a new ability: Jet Dash. “When Pharah uses Secondary Fire she will dash in the direction she’s moving,” Blizzard says. “When combined with Concussive Blast and the enhanced mobility from Hover Jets, Pharah can quickly navigate herself into positions where she’s highly lethal.” The result is a “more active Pharah” and a healthier game, the studio says.

The Junkertown map, added to Overwatch in 2017, is also getting some alterations. Blizzard explains:

The first section of the map (the area by the first checkpoint) is quite open. It can be tough for the offensive team to push the cart through here if the defending team has a Widow or Pharah. So, we’ve replaced the small cover with a trusty, burned-out building. We’ve also replaced the outhouse that was close to the gate with a tall water tower to block the line of sight from the openings above the choke point. Additionally, a few more cars have been added to this area, and the cliffside path has been reduced.

The small health pack on the balcony overlooking the hairpin turn on the second area has been removed to lessen the defender advantage from that choke. In the third area, we added a vertical support beam on the left side of the hallway to block the sightline from the upper ledge to give more cover for attackers to enter the area. We also widened and added cover to a hallway on the outer mid-section of area 3 to open up team fights that happen there. Finally, the updated map features a new night-time lighting theme to try out.

In addition to a Competitive Play rank reset, the return of placement matches, and new reticle options, below are the other changes coming to Overwatch 2 in season 9 with Feb. 13’s patch, per Blizzard.

Developer Comments: With your feedback, we’ve made new improvements to Competitive Play that aim to provide more transparency into your progress after every match, plus we introduced a new skill tier and new Competitive Rewards to earn.

New Skill Tier - Champion

Art & UI Updates

New Reticle Types have been added.

New Reticle Dots have been added.

New Reticle color options have been added.

Developer Comments: Season 9 features changes to the fundamentals of Overwatch 2 gameplay that affect every hero. We’ve heard the community feedback around some gameplay pain points, and these changes are in response to many of those.

Most damage-dealing projectile sizes have been increased by a new global modifier added to their base size.

Hero combined HP (base health/armor/shields) increased by 15-25%.

Regenerative Passive for All Heroes

Developer Comments: Pharah has a significant update that empowers more individual plays and shifting her movement capabilities from high up in the air to more horizontal movement that can cover distance quickly.

New nighttime lighting theme.

Developer Comments: We’ve added more cover—including new structures—to help counter some of the long sightlines around the first checkpoint. Additional changes in the third area allow attackers to push through certain chokes more easily.

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