Bill Maher's bud is apparently too dank to respect Steve-O's sobriety
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Bill Maher's bud is apparently too dank to respect Steve-O's sobriety

Bill Maher drops the bong for no man, not even Steve-O.

Per the latest episode of Steve-O’s podcast, Wild Ride!, the Jackass star revealed that he nearly went on Bill Maher’s massively existing podcast and YouTube show, Club Random, but only if Maher could, maybe, possibly drop the joint and refrain from blowing a plume of White Widow in his guest’s face. Over the last 20 years, Steve-O’s turned his life around. Though he continues his daredevil lifestyle of jumping on a treadmill while holding a tuba, he’s also a “clean and sober guy” now. Currently approaching his sober “sweet 16,” Steve-O asked, “out of respect” for his sobriety, if Maher could “refrain from smoking pot” during Steve-O’s Club Random appearance. Maher, presumably examining the red hairs in his gram of Granddaddy Purple, refused.

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What, just because this guy’s sober and asked politely, Maher’s going to give up his god-given right of toking that Sour Diesel? Get real. Maher doesn’t care how many toy cars Steve-O’s shoved in his ass. For Club Random to live up to its name, Maher has to have that Strawberry Kush on the brain. Still, that was a “dealbreaker” for Steve-O, which is understandable. Someone recovering from a substance-related disorder might not feel comfortable with an interview host disrespecting their sobriety by getting all fucked up in the same space.

While that’s bad manners, this isn’t Club Normal Things Happen. It’s Club RaNdOm. How else does Steve-O expect Bill Maher to ascend to the comedy nirvana of “Religulous 2 but the religion is ‘wokeism’” without a little Super Lemon Haze coursing through his veins? Of course, this is only hypocritical if you look at other Club Random episodes. Variety notes that Maher took a T-break for Sheryl Crow out of respect for her singing voice. But, sure, we guess abstaining from weed for one afternoon would prevent you from reaching such creative heights as naming your 2022 comedy special #Adulting.

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