Jennifer Lopez’s “This Is Me… Now” tour is a greatest hits tour… now
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Jennifer Lopez’s “This Is Me… Now” tour is a greatest hits tour… now

Amid poor ticket sales, canceled tour dates, and the general sense that J.Lo is firmly in her flop era, Jennifer Lopez has set about rebranding her beleaguered “This Is Me… Now” tour so that people don’t think they’ll have to listen to that whole record. Variety reports that Lopez’s tour, launched in conjunction with a record, a feature-length music video, and a documentary, is distancing itself from this self-financed, $20 million multimedia extravaganza a decade in the making by changing the title from “This Is Me… Now” to “This Is Me… Live | The Greatest Hits.”

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J.Lo’s been on her heels since the release of her Amazon documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, which has become the subject of much mockery on the social media website TikTok. The TikTokerati have been dining out on a clip from the documentary of Lopez reflecting on her upbringing in the Bronx, a memory inspired by her post-workout hairdo. “I like taking my hair out like this,” Lopez says. “It reminds me, like, when I was 16 in the Bronx, running up and down the block. Crazy little girl who used to fucking be wild and no limits, all dreams.” In response to the clip, people on TikTok are—and it brings us no joy to report this—laughing at Jennifer Lopez. And also, presumably, because they don’t like the record or the movie, fans aren’t turning up for her gigs. Last month, she canceled seven tour dates, which is not a great look considering it’s her first U.S. tour in five years. Perhaps cutting a few new tracks from the setlist will bring people back to Ticketmaster.

Nothing about her… now seems to be working. According to Variety, the album This Is Me… Now became the second of her nine studio albums to debut outside the top 10. Its accompanying film, This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, received a mixed-positive response from critics, including at The A.V. Club. Still, it’s unclear if her fans actually watched the thing or are simply tired of ellipses.

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