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What is PasteDeck?

More than just a bookmark manager, PasteDeck is your own private corner of the internet.

PasteDeck transforms text links into beautiful information cards, providing a visual way to navigate your saved content. Instead of trawling through lists of nondescript URLs trying to locate that link you saved last week, month or year, a quick glance is all you need to spot the card you're looking for. It's like Instagram for your links.

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What can I do with PasteDeck?

The use cases for PasteDeck are infinite! Curate your collection of links and organise them any way you want to.

Planning a holiday? Use PasteDeck to research hotels, destinations, activities and group them to keep track of your favourites.

Writing a report? Use PasteDeck to keep track of useful websites and articles, including your own annotations and comments.

Shopping for a gift? Use PasteDeck to build a shortlist and whittle down to find the perfect present.

Make PasteDeck part of your daily routine to turbo charge your productivity, or simply use it for saving those odd, one-off links you randomly discover.

Everything you save on PasteDeck is available anywhere, anytime and on any device. No apps to download, no browser requirements, just you and your content.

Visit our Demo PasteDeck for inspiration on how you can use PasteDeck to curate your own corner of the internet!

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How do I register an Account?

It's simple - all you need to register an account is a valid email address. Click Here or use the "Register" button to create a PasteDeck account in under 60 seconds.

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What is the PasteDeck Browser Extension?

The PasteDeck Browser Extension adds a 'Save to PasteDeck' button to your favorite Web browser. With just a single click, the URL you're browsing is saved to your PasteDeck and seamlessly synced across all your devices.

The PasteDeck Browser Extension is available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave Web Browsers. To install, visit the Browser Extension page and select your browser. You will be redirected to your Browsers Extension Store where you can install the extension and enjoy 'one-click' saving directly to your PasteDeck!

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How to save a link

Once you’ve logged in to your PasteDeck account, you can type or paste any valid web address (URL) into the Paste Bar at the top of your account and press/tap the Paste button.

PasteDeck will fetch the URL and create an info card with an image and title. You can click on the card to view the link's content without ever leaving your PasteDeck account. If you’ve saved an article, PasteDeck will even extract the text and display it in “Reader View” - an easy way to read articles without the distraction of Ads and article breaks!

For an even simpler way to collect and manage your links, install the PasteDeck Browser Extension and enjoy saving your favorite content directly from your Web Browser!

Remember, you can save *anything* that has a valid URL: articles, videos, websites, recipes, images etc!

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How to add a News Feed (RSS)

There are 2 ways to add an RSS news feed:

1. Simply enter the URL of a valid RSS feed into the Paste Bar and PasteDeck will automatically detect the feed and subscribe you to it.

2. If you’re not currently subscribed to any feeds, click on the RSS toggle and then follow the instructions in the “Magic Feeds” dialog to select the topic(s) you’re interested in. PasteDeck will automatically add a few news feeds we think you’ll like.

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How to organise your links

Your PasteDeck account lets you organise your links any way you want to. The easiest way is to create multiple “Decks” for specific topics. For example, create a new Deck for your favourite recipes and another Deck for articles you want to read later. Best of all, within each Deck, you can also build “Stacks” which are groups of links. So, if you have a “Recipes” Deck, you can then create Stacks within that Deck to sort your links by “Desserts”, “Chicken”, “vegan” etc

See “What is a Deck” and “What is a Stack” for more information on Decks and Stacks.

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What's a "Deck"?

Decks are work areas where you can save your links. Think of Decks as filing cabinets where you have a different cabinet for different files. You can create multiple Decks for different topics to better organise your links.

For example, you can create one Deck for your holiday search and another Deck for your school/work report. And don’t worry, you can also set the privacy of individual Decks to make them public or completely private.

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How do I create a new Deck?

Once you’ve logged into your PasteDeck account, just click/tap the “New Deck” button to create a new Deck.

Any Decks you create will be public to anyone that accessing your PasteDeck at[your username], unless you specifically set them to Private.

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What's a "Stack"?

If Decks are like Filing Cabinets, think of Stacks as Folders within that cabinet.

Let’s say you create. Deck for your holiday plans. You’ve probably got some hotel options, some info on sightseeing and maybe even some maps to help you get around. Within your Holiday Deck, you can group these links into Stacks (ie. Folders) so all Hotel links are stacked together, Maps and so on and so forth.

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How do I create a new Stack?

Once you've logged into your PasteDeck account, there are 2 ways to create a Stack:

1. Simply click/tap the “New Stack” button in your PasteDeck account. An “empty” Stack will be created which you can populate by:

a) dragging and dropping any existing link onto it, or

b) click/tap on the empty Stack and then paste any URL as normal. That URL will be saved inside your Stack.

2. Alternatively, simply drag one of your existing links over another and this will create a new Stack automatically.

On mobile and touch-enabled devices, you can drag links by the bottom edge of the card. On Desktop, you can drag a card from any point.

You can create multiple Stacks and then access the links inside them by clicking/tapping on the Stack.

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Why aren’t my links visible when I share my PasteDeck?

Your default Deck (which has the same name as your PasteDeck username) is your personal Deck and is always private. Any links you save to your personal Deck are only visible to you when you’re logged in. For this reason, if you share your PasteDeck with anyone (ie.[your username]), they won’t be able to see any of the links contained in your Personal Deck.

If you want to share links with friends, family and colleagues, simply create a new Deck with your preferred name (usually, related to the types of links you’re going to share - e.g “Recipes”, “Gifts for Dad” etc) and save your links in that Deck. If you create multiple Decks, they will all be visible to anyone you share your PasteDeck with, but your Personal Deck will always remain private.

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I can't login to my PasteDeck account

If you're having issues logging into your PasteDeck account, please try the following actions:

Forgotten Password
If your password isn't being accepted, or you've forgotten your password, please Reset your Password.

If you continue to experience issues after successfully resetting your Password, please Email Us.

Forgotten Username
If you've forgotten your PasteDeck username, or if you are migrating from Quicklinkr and have forgetting your username, please Email Us.

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