Hello, PasteDeck.

PasteDeck is home for all your favorite links, articles, videos, websites, images, news, recipes and more. Everything in one place, organised the way you want them.

Simple. Effective.

PasteDeck transforms text links into beautiful information cards, providing a visual way to navigate your saved content.

Curate your collection of links and organise them any way you want to. Keep your PasteDeck private or share and collaborate with family, friends and colleagues.

It's like Instagram for your links.

Ridiculously useful.

Planning a holiday? Use PasteDeck to research hotels, destinations, activities and group them to find your favourites.

Writing a report? Use PasteDeck to keep track of useful websites and articles, including your own annotations and comments.

Shopping for a gift? Use PasteDeck to build a shortlist and whittle down to find the perfect present.

PasteDeck truly is the everything app.

Use it your way.

Make PasteDeck part of your daily routine to turbo charge your productivity, or simply use it for saving those odd, one-off links you randomly discover.

Everything you save on PasteDeck is available anywhere, anytime and on any device. No apps to download, no browser requirements, just you and your content.

Paste anything. Access anywhere.

Save with a single click.

Install the PasteDeck browser extension which adds a 'Save to PasteDeck' button directly to your browser of choice.

With just a single click, the URL you're browsing is saved to your PasteDeck and seamlessly synced across all your devices.

Available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Brave.

Your very own private corner of the internet.